Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Charming Snail Mail

When my grandmother passed away a couple years ago, I very much enjoyed going through her old treasures. I loved that she saved everything, and she managed to keep it organized. One of my favorite "treasures" are her old letters she saved. They're from the 50s and 60s mostly, and they greet me every time I get home, as they hang out in a basket on my piano in my entryway:

I like to keep them in my entry way because that's where you toss the mail when you get home, except the art of sending written letters to your loved ones is gone, so hers fill in for me. I sometimes wish we'd forgo the email and text messages and send each other good old written letters on pretty stationary.

Along with the letters my grandmother kept an envelope filled with old photos of her relatives and her with her five sisters.

Isn't it lovely to look at?


  1. I think that is absolutely charming to keep your grandmother's old letters on display in that adorable little basket. How sweet!

    Oh, thanks for the comment on my "placemat pillows"!

  2. they are lovely :)

    I like to hang on to everything too and it always makes me happy to see someone appreciating the small things in life.


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