Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

I love living in Castle Rock because you get some of the benefits of being in a small town, but I'm 15 minutes from the city too. The benefits include things like low crime, cute small town atmosphere, and fun town events!

Here's a picture from one of my favorite views in town. You can see the butte for which the town is named in the background, behind one of my favorite shopping destinations, The Barn:

The town held a "Rockin' Fourth of July" celebration for the 4th, at the new Rhyolite Regional Park. There were vendors, bands, lots of people. It was really nice and the weather was great. Unfortunately, due to a fire there was no grand finale and the fireworks show was cut short. Supposedly there was also a shooting nearby... But we still had a good time. Our camera is great at capturing pictures of fireworks!

Here's Justin with our two 'fur daughters', Bella and Esme. They wore their patriotic bandanas.

Here's Fiyero with his grandpa.

A couple of shots of the fireworks, out of the 150 Justin took...

Afterwards Bella found warmth with grandma.

Overall it was a pretty good Independence Day... despite the fire and shootings...

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