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Lark & Lola House has become dull and boring to me.  I'm just sick of everything and want all new decor. Does that ever happen to y...


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Lark & Lola House has become dull and boring to me. I'm just sick of everything and want all new decor. Does that ever happen to you? Since we moved in two-and-a-half years ago, I suppose my style has morphed. It seems this happens from time to time--in fact, when we first got married there was all dark wood in my home and tons of modern decor.
DSC_0101 - Copy
So this past week I've been making minor changes, since I have neither the bank account balance nor the time to completely redecorate. Above and below, you see my least favorite spots to deal with in a home. The fireplace mantle and the top of the fridge. Any suggestions? I really hate these spaces...but the fireplace looks a little better with the vintage books display, I think. 
DSC_0115 - Copy 
When we first moved into this house I was in a white-washed stage, now I'm back into color big time. So, naturally, I repainted our coffee table a cheery yellow. 
DSC_0108 - Copy 
I also turned a vintage chenille bedspread into throw pillows. 
DSC_0111 - Copy 
Have you seen the new Raskog trolly cart from IKEA? I love this thing, I put one in my bathroom, but I want one for every room in our house. It comes in grey or turquoise:
DSC_0107 - Copy 
Of course, it was also time to reorganize some Pyrex. So it all came off the hutch...
DSC_0092 - Copy 
and I put it back like so, featuring pinks and turquoise. 
DSC_0097 - Copy 
What do you think of these colors together? I'm just hoping it doesn't look too baby-showerish
DSC_0099 - Copy 
Now here's a real problem, speaking of hoarding. 
I recently thrifted the pink & powder blue jewelry boxes to sell on my Etsy shop {those jewelry boxes have always sold really well, people love them}.
DSC_0123 - Copy 
But then I made the mistake of grouping them together in my bedroom with my green jewelry box. See, I meant to just have the one. The green one

Well, shoot. Now I can't sell them, they all look so cute together. Seeing as I find these quite often at thrift stores, too, I'm starting to worry this might turn into another collection. But honestly, wouldn't a bookcase with stacks of these vintage jewelry boxes look amazing in a craft room or something???
DSC_0124 - Copy

To add a little excitement to the bedroom, I've decided to start mixing & matching vintage linens on our bed. {What? Where did you think I was going with that one?} My mom bought these for me at Paris Street Market last weekend. They're vintage pillowcases, hand embroidered. 
DSC_0144 - Copy
Aren't they sweet? They don't make things like this anymore.
DSC_0147 - Copy
Thanks, mom! I love the way they spruce up our bed.
We needed a little sprucing up in the bedroom.
Some people say to try role-playing... but I say, new vintage linens!!
DSC_0154 - Copy 

Now for some fun new wall art! This antique sheet music was from the antique mall--only $1.25. I love the cover art {especially since we keep bees} so I had to bring it home.
DSC_0158 - Copy 
I thrifted a vintage frame and grabbed some green paint, and...
DSC_0156 - Copy 

Yay for new wall art!
Especially when it costs you less than $10. 
DSC_0172 - Copy 

{Another collection I'm worried might grow out of hand, vintage books. 
When I see a pretty one, I just can't help but snatch it up.}
DSC_0175 - Copy 

Time for a new verse, too. I'm supposed to update this every month, but really I change it about twice a year. {You don't become a professional procrastinator by doing things all the time, people.}
DSC_0142 - Copy 

I forgot to include this darling set in my last thrifted finds post. 
"I will hold the bag" say these tea bag holders. Too cute!
DSC_0094 - Copy 

Our entry way is horribly cluttered with shoes all the time, so I painted this "rabbit hutch" and now the shoes get stashed in there. The entryway still needs some love, but I'm working on something fun you'll see in a new post soon...
DSC_0140 - Copy 

Also, we got a kitten. {Hi, mom...}
Her name is Stella. 
My last girl kitty was eaten by a wild animal last year {sad, our neighbor found her collar and paw in their yard} and since then I've been so lonely for a cuddly cat. Yep, I'm one of those cat ladies. Stella is between me and the keyboard as I type this. She's super affectionate and clingy--just what I wanted!

Happy August and lots of love!

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  1. I'm so sorry about your kitty. I lost my old cat to the coyotes. :(

    congrats on your new furry friend - she's such a cutie!

    and I L-O-V-E the way you've decorated. My favorite is your gorgeous pyrex collection and the bunny hutch!

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet words and for stopping by my blog!!

  2. Fabulous! This looks amazing! These pics are unbelievably adorable! :)This is such a great blog post! Appreciating the hard work you put into your site. It’s awesome blog.

  3. Wow there was so much fabulousness in that one post that I can't decide what to comment on.

    So many gorgeous colours! I love your new jewellery box display and the fire place with your books, looks great.

    I have the same problem with shoes, I might have to keep an eye out for a rabbit hutch because that looks like great idea.

    Oh and Stella, she is just beautiful!

  4. Your space looks so bright and cheery. It's beautiful. I love all your Pyrex displayed but as a mother of boys I always shudder to think if my boys ran past that hutch, those pieces on the top would topple over! And I've seen some cute mantle ideas on Pinterest lately so check that out for ideas. And your rabbit hutch is genius for shoes. Nicely done.

    1. I do think about what would happen if we had a massive earthquake, that would be interesting. Luckily Colorado is not big on those, but a house full of boys is basically the same thing--or so I hear?

      Thanks for your kind comment, Lauren! I'll definitely see what Pinterest has to say about my fireplace...

  5. I love your colors and mixes looks great and inspiring. makes my house seem dull!!

    1. Thank you! I never decorate based on "color themes", so it might look quirky but it definitely has personality ;-)

  6. Heather - you continue to amaze me with your eye for decorating and turning old things into beautiful things. Your Pyrex collection is like my dream collection! I actually want pink, turquoise, blues and reds since it will match my kitchen!

    Why are you so darn awesome? That bee picture is darling.

    1. Thanks so much, Colleen :)

      I am not awesome, this is basically the only "progress" I've made in my house in the entire past year. I'm glad you like my Pyrex! Sometimes I think people must think I'm absolutely loony...

  7. I just moved those exact same sets to the cupboard above my refrigerator! How funny that they get to live in the same spot :) I love all your little updates and it looks especially lovely all together!

    1. Great minds think alike!

      Thanks, Kellee. Seeing your house was a major kick in my butt.

  8. Did you get a new camera? These pics are awesome! And your house is too. Love it!

  9. I'm the new funny faced follower. What a gorgeous display of pyrex in your hutch! I hunted forever for the final elusive blue bowl to my primary set. Then I accidentally found the Friendship Cinderella bowls but I'm not addicted. That's it, well and the Frigies to the primary. I'm short one lid for the red one and that's it. Yeah, that's more story!

  10. I like the way you organised your bowls and their colours. And your idea to frame the record cover, I just don't like that green colour.I like your boxes, but they are too many. One is enough. I would also definately remove that handbag from the top of the rabbit thing. The latter has a lovely colour though. Congratulations on your new kitten. May she live many years and give you plenty of love!

    1. And that is why we are all different.

    2. And that is why people are different.

    3. Heather,
      I love all your cheery feminine colors! Love the book display on fireplace mantle. Now that is really clever! Also love the jewelry boxes. I have one I found at a rummage sale recently. Bought it anyway even though it was monogrammed. Love the little teacup saucers! Enjoyed your cat story too.


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