Thursday, June 25, 2009

{ Written Correspondence }

I believe that written correspondence is {very sadly} becoming a lost art. I get a "just because" handwritten letter maybe twice a year. I wish I got a hundred times that. Still, I live as if written correspondence is very much a part of my life. And when I hand write a letter, I *love* to pull out my address book...

I got a kit by K & Company using the oh-so-trendy Amy Butler patterns, its easy and fun to put together. I got my kit at Hobby Lobby using a 40% off coupon. Hard to remember, but I *think* it was only about $9 after the discount...You get to personalize it with your own initial.
Chipboard, stickers, the works.
It's quite pretty, don't you think? If you're in need of a new address book {which I was not, but my old ones weren't this pretty and I'm a bit obsessed with pretty things} I highly recommend you pick one up.
Back to written correspondence, I adore it so much, I designed my business card using it.
I like to keep letters {both to send and that I've received} nearby.
I challenge you to pick up your prettiest stationary and send out some letters today. Written correspondence, after all, should NOT be just for thank-yous and birthdays.

Don't forget to use pretty stamps. I picked up these pretty stamps last time I was at the post office - they have the King & Queen of Hearts. Trรจs jolie!


  1. I so agree with you and I love that kit! I do calligraphy and I know it means so much for someone to receive a letter in the mail with their name written beautifully on it. I also drive the post office people nuts because I make them show me every stamp so I can the ones I want (pretty, holidays, flowers, people, cartoons, etc). I enjoyed this post and I'm looking for that kit!


  2. You have reminded me that I am a little behind in my correspondence... I must log off and get at it! I have personalized stationary that I use fairly regularly. People enjoy real mail!

    That address book is lovely, absolutely lovely.


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