Saturday, June 6, 2009

Suitcases & Feathers

I picked up this lovely {and bigger than the picture gives it credit for} suitcase today at A Paris Street Market for $10! I adored the color, and the price was amazing, so snatched it up right away.
I have big plans for this suitcase! I plan to turn it into a coffee table, which will also double as a display when I do my shows. Check out these amazing "Repurposed Suitcases" on Poetic Home so you can see my inspiration!
Another little item I couldn't resist {and for all I saw there, it's amazing I only came home with two items} was this feather pin. I've gotten really into feathers lately. They're sort of Marie Antoinette-esque aren't they?
I've been decorating with feathers lately, too. Throwing them here and there. The thing I love about them is they add both a softness to your decor as well as movement - the tiny little fingers on the ends sway with even the most gentle of breezes.
Feathers are lovely.


  1. So I ran into your blog through Fanciful Twists Blog. Wanted to stop and say hello. I love that suitcase.. O and the color = Heaven! Love your blog! :)

  2. I am so jealous of that suitcase, the color is fantastic! I picked up a gray suitcase with red lining for $10 at the Paris Market last season, I instantly fell in love with it and clung to it like my life depended on it! :) Love the feathers too!


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